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The Indiana Youth Advisory Board (IYAB) consists of regional boards made up of current and former foster youth across Indiana. IYAB is a youth-led advisory board that provides a space for Indiana’s foster youth to become involved in issues facing youth in care and aging out of care on a local, state, and national level.

IYAB is driven by authentic youth engagement

We value youth voice, youth experience, healthy risk taking, and youth and adults partnering together to improve outcomes.


IYAB empowers Indiana’s foster youth to advocate for themselves and communicate their needs and concerns effectively through increased awareness of their rights and responsibilities and increased access to the resources they need to make successful transitions. To achieve this, IYAB members participate in conferences, training sessions, regional events, quarterly meetings, and other activities throughout the year.


Involvement on the Board offers unique opportunities to take leadership roles in the enlightenment of Department of Child Services (DCS) employees on youth experience and perspective within the foster care system.

Indiana Youth Advisory Board members will enhance their leadership, advocacy, and life skills through various activities including public speaking, providing feedback to DCS systems, planning and community engagement, social events and activities which promote youth successfully transitioning into adulthood.

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Youth Voice in Action

IYAB members provide valuable feedback to inform Foster Success' program and take their ideas for improving the child welfare system to state and agency leaders.

HEA 1314

Requires the State of Indiana to track and report on foster youth education outcomes, including high school graduation rates.

Extension of Foster Care

Youth Board Members presented recommendations to DCS' auditors and agency executives, the Governor's, legislative leadership, and state commissions.

The resulting extension of foster care has been found to increase high school completion, college enrollment, prevent homelessness, and reduce early pregnancy.

SEA 497

Provides automatic and uninterrupted Medicaid coverage to age 26 for 4,800 foster youth who age-out of foster care without permanent families.

Our mission

Foster Success’s mission is to ensure that foster care youth are educated, housed, financially stable, employed and connected to a support system by age 25. Foster Success, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides technical assistance to build the capacity of funders, state and local policy makers, case managers, independent living specialists and youth-serving providers to effectively support youth transitioning from foster care.

Indiana Youth Advisory Board

Indiana Youth Advisory Board